San Remo

San Remo believes pasta is one of the perfect family meals – easy to create, affordable, versatile, and can be put together easily or dialled up into a creatively crafted feast.

Joel has worked on several San Remo campaigns to help position the brand as a market leader that prioritises the health and nutrition of all Australians. He has created several recipes and IGTV content, analysed the nutrient composition of existing recipes, and provided expert commentary for media releases.

Pasta provides many essential nutrients, including low GI carbs for sustained energy, B vitamins, folate and iron. It is undoubtedly a wholesome food that provides many vital nutrients. Pasta is a fundamental pillar of the Mediterranean diet. And rightly so, pasta should be embraced as a delicious staple in the diets of all Australians.

Pasta is a great energy source, but it is not exclusively an athlete’s food.

San Remo range gets Joel’s tick of approval. In particular, the pulse pasta range. The combination of lentils, chickpeas, borlotti beans and peas adds additional fibre and protein plus a host of other nutrients. The pulse pasta ticks so many nutritional boxes; it’s a standout option for everyone in the family. And, it’s gluten-free, so even people with coeliac disease don’t have to miss out.

Regularly eating pasta can help everyone achieve greatness – from improved physical performance and stamina, health and wellbeing, mood, concentration, and memory.