Product Review: Reduced Salt Vegemite

Vegemite reduced salt

Nutritional info per 5g serve

47kj, 122mg sodium, 146mg potassium, 0.55mg thiamine, 100µg folate, 0.5µg  vitamin B12 + 0.4mcg vitamin B6.


Yeast extract, salt, malt extract, humectant, mineral salt, flavours + B vitamins


It’s got 25% less salt than the original. Traditionalists don’t despair! It tastes just as good.


It’s still a concentrated source of salt, so moderation should be exercised.

Out of five


Final word

This Aussie favourite has finally been reformulated – it’s been over 80 years in the making. ‘Version 2.0’ (Cheesybite doesn’t count) has less salt than the original. And in my books, that is a big plus. We, as a population, consume far too much salt. A diet high in the salty stuff increases our risk of heart disease and stroke. Any reduction in our overall salt intake is a good thing. Embrace the change and be a happy, less salty, little vegemite!

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