Recipe Development

Want to showcase your ingredient/product in delicious recipes?


Do you need a recipe developer to inspire your customers and followers to cook nutritious and delicious meals at home?



Recipe development involves several key ingredients – creativity, planning, curiosity, resourcefulness and the culinary know-how to make something delicious. Plus, the creative process of developing recipes involves meticulous research, testing and, of course, tasting. 


A recipe developer is a critical part of any creative food team. That’s because recipes are the implementation of scientific concepts to help make nutrition fun and exciting. Recipes are the ingredients that help bring nutrition to life. 


Joel can carefully balance each major element to create meals that are nutritious and tasty. He will also manage the end-to-end process from ideation to the final recipe. Joel is acutely aware of food trends and new culinary techniques, so his recipes will have mass appeal. 


Joel’s philosophy is that any recipe can be made healthier by changing ingredients or using alternative cooking methods. His forte is culinary nutrition and developing recipes full of flavour, featuring seasonal produce and bursting with good nutrition. 


Avocado is a recipe developer's favourite ingredient


Joel has worked with several of Australia’s leading brands to create delicious recipes using novel products and ingredients. He has plenty of cooking experience and has created hundreds of recipes for TV and clients. 


He can create mouth-watering and nutritious recipes, eye-catching imagery and instructional videos to use on your website, blog, or your PR initiative. Joel’s recipes will grab your audience’s attention and inspire them to recreate the dishes at home.


Joel is a skilled home cook and ardent foodie, and he relishes the challenge of developing recipes to incorporate novel ingredients and products. Food is so much more than a source of nutrition; it also feeds the soul and is an integral part of so many social interactions. Joel loves to motivate people to get back into the kitchen. After all, good nutrition practices start in the home. He can create nourishing and tasty dishes for all skill levels, cuisines and dietary requirements.


Joel can develop recipes that are:

  • ✓ Heart-healthy
  • ✓ Low sugar
  • High energy, high protein
  • ✓ Gluten-free
  • ✓ Low-lactose
  • ✓ Vegetarian/Vegan
  • ✓ Low FODMAP


The adage that we eat with our eyes rings true. Joel is an adept food photographer, and he can capture dishes that your customers and followers will want to recreate at home. All images can be used across your platforms and be featured on Joel’s social channels to drive new followers to your site and pages.


Get in touch to discuss how Joel can hero your ingredients/products in delicious and visually appealing recipes. He will help turn your concepts and ideas into delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes. 


Pumpkin, chia and feta tart