About This Project

Do you need to boost your fruit and veg intake?


Joel spoke to House of Wellness about how to up your intake of fruit and vegetables. Because it’s clear that Aussies need a helping hand in this department – see the link.


Fruit and vegetables are the cornerstones of any good diet. They’re packed chock-a-block full of vitamins and minerals that protect our bodies and provide fibre for good bowel health. Plus, they fill us up without the risk of gaining weight. Boosting our fruit and veggie intake is the simplest step we can all take to feel our best.


Aussies drop the ball when it comes to meeting our fruit and vegetable targets. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show only 7.5% of us meet our recommended serves of vegies each day and only half meet our recommended serves of fruit. We must do better!


So regardless of how these foods are bought and cooked, the biggest priority is to get Australians eating more fruit and vegetables.