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Want health and nutrition content that is grounded in facts, well researched and carefully curated?

Do you need a freelance nutrition writer to engage, educate and inspire your audience?

Words matter more than ever, especially when it comes to nutrition. That’s because the nutrition space has never been so confusing, thanks to the likes of celebrities and social media influencers with no foundation in the science of nutrition. Informing your audience should be a priority. After all, evidence-based content is so valuable, and it will increase your brand or publication’s credibility. In addition, it will bode well for better public health outcomes and make a genuine difference.

Nutrition communications is Joel’s forte. With his unique style and conversational tone, he can drive improved health and nutrition literacy among your target audience. Nutrition science can be complicated, but Joel has a knack for translating it into high-quality tidbits of information that the public can easily digest. What’s more, he’ll ensure that all content is up-to-date, credible and based on the latest scientific evidence.

Joel is skilled in SEO copywriting and can ensure that articles will be seen by audiences far and wide. Plus, engaging content will resonate with readers and drive visibility for brands and, ultimately, sales.

Joel has written articles for a wide range of audiences and several health publications and magazines. He’s also a seasoned media performer giving regular radio, TV and print media interviews. Joel can create content to meet your needs and to better serve your customers and readers.

If you have a project in mind for an experienced nutrition writer, be it web copy, blog posts, marketing and PR campaigns, magazine articles, or media content, please get in touch via the contact page.

Nutrition topics:

  • ✓ Mindful eating
  • ✓ Men’s health and nutrition
  • ✓ Food and diet trends
  • ✓ Food for good mental health
  • ✓ General nutrition
  • ✓ Culinary nutrition
  • ✓ Nutrition mythbusting
  • ✓ Family nutrition


“Joel has been a regular and much-valued contributor to for many years. His ability to cut through nutritional jargon and deliver relatable content that speaks to our audience in an engaging and enjoyable way is highly valued by our editors and our readers.” 

Alison Stephenson, Editor, Body and Soul


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