Inspire, educate and empower your team to make mindful food and cooking choices with Joel Feren


A regular on TV – often appearing on Channel 10’s ‘My Market Kitchen’, Sunrise, The Today Show, Studio 10, and a variety of radio programs, podcasts and print media – Joel is an engaging, empowering and educational keynote speaker with experience in talking all-things nutrition to audiences of all sizes and age groups.


Joel loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and evidence-based nutrition tips, exercising his unique ability to translate complex science into easily digestible tips and tricks to make mindful eating and nutritional education accessible to everyone.


There’s never been a more critical time to invest in your team’s health and wellbeing. Joel’s fresh take on nutrition and the diet industry is a great way to empower your team to prioritise their health (minus the wacky herbs, tonics and supplements) with a splash of humour and storytelling.


Invite Joel as a keynote speaker to your event or workplace:


Mindful eating

Learn how to reconnect with food and rediscover the joy of eating.


Exploring the link between food & mood

Brain food carries a whole new meaning these days as new and emerging research in the area of Nutritional Psychiatry has shown that what we eat and drink can profoundly impact our mood and mental health.


Men’s health

Joel offers vital insights to men on how they can better improve their nutrition and take charge of their health.


Other topics:

✓ Nutrition for performance

✓ Aged care nutrition

✓ Nutrition myth-busting

✓ Healthy eating made easy

✓ Nutrition to prevent dementia

✓ Gut health


Joel is also available for cooking demonstrations, combining his nutrition knowledge and culinary skills (take a look at his Instagram page to see what he’s been cooking up!) to help impart important nutrition and health messages. Cooking demonstrations are a practical way to illustrate nutrition best practices and recommendations – showing audiences how easy it can be to make dietary changes, no matter their unique likes and dislikes or nutritional requirements.


Joel is an engaging and entertaining speaker with a mission to motivate people to take charge of their health and nutrition. Available for keynotes and media opportunities (both online and in-person), you can book Joel to speak at your next event, conference or workplace health seminar.


For all speaking enquiries, contact Jess Lay of Saxton Speakers Bureau at [email protected], or on (02) 8968 6609.



“Joel joined us for a panel discussion, and he was warm, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable! He delivered content in a way that was clear, and easy to understand, and we hope to work with him again in the future!”


Kristy Carmichael, Recruitment and Wellbeing, Deliveroo.


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