Nutrition Marketing & Consulting

Health and nutrition communications that create an impact. Joel helps food brands and businesses tell their nutrition story and engage, educate and connect with customers to drive meaningful change.


Nutrition Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective strategy for engaging with your customers and audience. With the right content, you can create an authentic, lasting bond with your customers, firmly entrench your brand as an industry leader and drive meaningful results for your business.

As an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Joel loves to communicate important nutrition messages that the general public can easily digest. He has worked with both Australian and international brands to develop their content strategy.

Joel regularly writes for news publications, magazines and blogs on a variety of nutrition-related topics. He can tailor the right message to resonate with your audience. A food industry dietitian can set your brand apart from your competitors by constructing health and nutrition content that has a clear purpose and is both credible and evidence-based.

Content underpins every successful marketing campaign. That’s why Joel enjoys working with purpose-driven brands that want to amplify their nutrition message to a broader audience. He can develop well-crafted articles, eye-catching imagery and videos, and create mouth-watering and nutritious recipes to use on your website, blog, or your PR initiative. Joel can curate health and nutrition content that will grab your audience’s attention and achieve an impact.

Joel is an accomplished home cook and keen foodie, and he relishes the challenge of developing recipes to incorporate novel ingredients and products. Food is so much more than a source of nutrition; it also feeds the soul and is an integral part of so many social interactions. Joel loves to motivate people to get back into the kitchen. After all, good nutrition practices start in the home. He can create nourishing and tasty dishes for all skill levels, cuisines and dietary requirements.

Strawberry bruschetta with whipped ricotta, dark chocolate and crushed nuts

Nutrition Consulting

Increasingly food brands are engaging dietitians to develop foods that offer consumers a more nutritious alternative without compromising on taste. Dietitians are also acutely aware of trends that impact the food industry and should be welcomed to the food industry table. 

Joel delivers insight-led and credible marketing advice to help achieve increased engagement and impact for businesses. He can help boost a brand’s appeal and presence as well as increase product recognition.

Nutrition and innovation need to be carefully considered by businesses. For brands to stay relevant and top of mind, the reformulation of existing food products and the development of new products is key to a brand’s survival. Joel welcomes the challenge of working with businesses to create or transform food products to boost their nutritional qualities and better suit those with health or dietary issues.

Nutrition communications is Joel’s forte. He helps food brands and businesses tell their nutrition story and engage, educate and connect with customers to help drive meaningful change. 

Joel can work with marketing, innovation and R&D teams to help devise a strategy to achieve maximum impact for businesses. He can also provide strategic direction on product development and innovation and assist with allergen labelling and health and nutrient claim substantiation. Joel’s knowledge of the latest nutrition research, market trends and consumer insights can help guide the development of new products and establish marketing strategies to help brands lead from the front.  

Whatever your project, Joel can help your business every step of the way. He has you covered from conception to product launch. Get in touch via the contact page to discuss.