To encourage Australians to maintain a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet, Australian family-owned fresh produce company Montague appointed Joel their Nutrition Ambassador.

Montague is a 100 per cent family-owned business whose history stretches back three generations, and its origins date back to 1948. Since then, Montague has become one of the largest fruit growers in Australia, with over a whopping 4.6 million fruit trees planted by their family of growers. In addition, the company works with apple growers across the country.

Montague is a leader and innovator in the Australian horticulture industry, having introduced several new apples to the market, including JAZZ™, Smitten®, Ambrosia™, Eve™, Envy™ and Yello™.

The JAZZ™ apple has a firm flesh, so it’s always crunchy, juicy and delivers just the right balance of sweet and tart. JAZZ™ apples are robust, with fine thin skin and dense, crisp cream coloured flesh. These apples are delightful to eat fresh, baked, in smoothies and desserts.

The envy™ apple delivers all the right notes. It is a sweeter apple and crisp and juicy with a bright white flesh but has a low acidity level and a low rate of oxidization, so it won’t go brown quickly once it’s sliced or diced. It’s the perfect cheeseboard accompaniment and works nicely in fruit salads or fruit platters – think salads, tarts and Bircher muesli.

Apples tick all the right boxes. They deliver nutrients in spades, delight the taste buds and get people chewing.

As part of the 6-month campaign, Joel helped the team at Montague share the vital message that eating seasonal, locally produced fresh foods, such as apples, leads to optimal health.

Specifically, Joel created four unique recipes showcasing Montague produce as an IGTV series across his social channels alongside blog content for the client’s site. In addition, Joel also featured in two TV segments on Weekend Sunrise and The Today Show promoting Jazz Apples.