Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh partnered with the dating app, Bumble for a PR campaign, ‘Make Every Date Delicious’, to help Australians build more meaningful relationships by sharing the joy of cooking with Hello Fresh meal kits.

As a nutrition professional and food expert, Joel was engaged by the Hello Fresh team to act as an authority on food in relationships and a third-party spokesperson for the brand. In addition to participating in media interviews, Joel supported the campaign by examining the role cooking plays in forming new relationships and strengthening them over time.

Joel was tasked with being a spokesperson to promote Hello Fresh as a dinner date solution, which gives customers the kitchen confidence to serve a meal a date will enjoy.

The campaign centred on new research commissioned by Hello Fresh and Bumble. The data revealing that 70% of Australians believe cooking together helps strengthen a relationship.

The power of food is unique. It can evoke specific memories and feelings that lead to fun and natural conversations. Plus, particular ingredients or meals may lead to a discovery about shared experiences.

Here are Joel’s top tips for making every date delicious:

1. Cook with your partner. Many people have cooked for a date, but try cooking with your date for added chemistry. Not only will you build your teamwork, but also you’ll be encouraged to have fun and be romantic. You’ll also be super proud of what you’re eating.

2. Choose meals that spark conversation. Food can evoke memories and feelings that lead to fun and natural conversation. Use certain ingredients or meals to compare stories or reminisce about shared experiences. A pasta could lead to a discussion about travelling to Italy or exotic spices about a date’s cultural heritage. Choose food that represents who you are and share this with your date as a way to build intimacy.

3. Build a connection. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Hello Fresh makes cooking easy, so you can show you care by focusing on picking the perfect recipe for your date and creating a special moment together.

Joel spoke to several media outlets to share the messages about cooking with a date or a loved one. Media included 2GB, 9Honey, Woman’s Day, 4BC, The Daily Telegraph and FM radio.