Dairy Australia

The dairy industry is Australia’s fourth-largest rural industry.

Dairy Australia’s purpose is to demonstrate dairy’s role and value in the Australian diet. The organisation also builds trust and supports the importance of Australian dairy foods and the industry through practical communications to the Australian public.

Dairy Australia engaged Joel to help raise awareness about maintaining good bone health at all ages and bring bone health to the forefront of Australia’s health and wellbeing conversation.

The campaign focused on the three actions that all Australians can take throughout their life to help maintain strong and healthy bones: weight-bearing exercise, adequate dietary calcium and safe vitamin D from the sun. The campaign highlights how dairy foods, particularly milk, cheese and yoghurt, are the richest sources of calcium in the diet and provide a package of other bone-building nutrients such as protein and phosphorus.

Deliverables included PR, media, recipes, and Instagram posts and stories promoting the importance of bone health and actions we can take to improve the health of our bones.

Dairy foods provide a nutritional punch! They contain over ten nutrients important for our general health, nervous system and muscle function, energy levels and, of course, bone health. More specifically, dairy foods are a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B12, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous, and protein and low GI carbohydrates. Eliminating dairy foods unnecessarily from your diet means you’ll be missing out on more than just calcium.

It is troubling to note that most of the population does not meet their recommended intake of dairy foods. Rates of osteoporosis are incredibly high in the elderly population, which may be due to a lifetime of poor dairy intake. So, the alarming rates of osteoporosis could be slashed if people increased their intake of dairy foods.

Joel is proud to partner with Dairy Australia to highlight the many benefits of regularly consuming dairy to the Australian public.