About Joel Feren | The Nutrition Guy | Dietitian, Nutritionist
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About The Nutrition Guy

Joel Feren is The Nutrition Guy (TNG), an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist with a background in the biomedical sciences. Joel undertook his Masters in Dietetics following his undergraduate degree in Behavioural Neuroscience and Honours in Exercise Physiology. 


He regularly consults to the food industry and in the corporate sector, helping clients to achieve improved health with good nutrition. He believes that dietitians working in the food industry can play a fundamental role in improving the nutritional quality of our food. He also considers nutrition to be too important to be an afterthought for food brands and businesses.
Joel is a self-described foodie and recipe developer. On the weekends he is often found perusing the food stalls at South Melbourne market or trialling new recipes in the kitchen. Joel’s food philosophy is that any dish can be made more nutritious by swapping ingredients and by using alternative cooking methods.


Joel has a passion for working in the food industry and enjoys the challenge of debunking commonly-held nutrition myths in the media. He is a Dietitians Australia media spokesperson and a regular presenter on Channel 10’s My Market Kitchen.
Joel can assist you with your next project to help you refine and better convey your nutrition messages. To work with him, as a nutrition consultant, ambassador or spokesperson for your company, please send a message, and let’s begin the discussion.

Joel has worked with