A Crunchie love affair

Crunchie bars

I’ve previously declared my love for the Crunchie Bar, however, I felt it necessary to elaborate a little bit more about why I am a huge fan of this delectable, much-maligned treat.

Maybe it’s the smooth milk chocolate that tantalizes my taste buds. Or it’s the thick slab of crunchy golden honeycomb that crumbles in my mouth with each bite. Or perhaps it reminds me of times gone by. Truth is, I can’t pinpoint exactly why the humble Crunchie Bar is my favourite confection. It’s likely a combination of all these reasons. Either way, you will always find a stash in my cupboard.

Now I don’t want you thinking that I’m a glutton who shovels bucketloads of choc-coated honeycomb down my gob at every opportunity. I certainly know my limits. A fun-size bar is all it takes to satisfy my cravings. And believe me, I savour every mouthful. At only 87 calories a pop (about the same as a small banana), this treat is not as unwholesome as it first appears. Sure, it’s not nutritionally comparable to a banana, but as far as energy content goes, it’s almost on par. Suffice to say it is not something I indulge in every day, but I do enjoy it from time to time. And for me, this occasionally enjoyed, miniature version gives me oodles of culinary pleasure. And that’s why I always keep some on hand.

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