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Chobani Yoghurt with Steel Cut Oats review

Chobani Yoghurt with Steel Cut Oats review

What is it?

Greek Yoghurt with oats in a nifty no-fuss squeeze pouch.

Nutritional info per 140g serve:

549Kj, 10.1g protein, 0.7g fat, 0.2g saturated fat, 21.4g carbohydrate, 15.1g sugar, 2.2g fibre 31mg sodium, 116mg calcium.


Skim milk, water, banana puree (6%), oats (4%), oat fibre, maple syrup (0.5%), lemon juice concentrate, vegetable gums, natural flavour, acidity regulator, live yoghurt cultures.


This is a pretty unique product. I haven’t found any other similar product on the market. The combination of oats and yoghurt makes for a perfect marriage. Yoghurt is high in protein, calcium and low GI carbohydrates, while the oats provide additional low GI carbs for slow-release energy as well as gut-friendly fibre. And it comes in a cool squeeze pack, which means that it can be enjoyed anywhere and any time. As for taste, it’s pretty delish!


Its only downfall is a moderate amount of sugar. Nevertheless, at 10.8% sugar, it still falls well below many other commercially available yoghurts that are currently on the market. It is also lower in calcium than other yoghurts so you’ll need to be sure to include other high calcium-containing foods in your diet.

Out of five:


Final word:

Chobani Yoghurt and Oats is a winner! Check out the other flavours in the range too: coconut, apple cinnamon and cranberry. It’s a great addition to school lunchboxes, workplace lunch packs and it’s a perfect option for those who need to eat on-the-run.



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NB: This is not a sponsored post. The author is in no way affiliated with Chobani and did not receive financial remuneration for this post.

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