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Get Your Man In The Kitchen

Joel Feren - your dietitian

We blokes have special needs, not to mention particular diseases that afflict us more than women, such as heart disease and colon cancer. We also suffer from other nasties like prostate and testicular cancer.

It’s well known that our brethren need to take better care of their health and wellbeing. And that’s a massive understatement! Many of us suffer from poor diet, lack of participation in sport and exercise, (No, watching the footy doesn’t count!) high booze consumption and smoking, all major risk factors for developing certain types of cancer as well as diabetes and heart disease. Many blokes are guilty of consuming too many fatty meals and too many ‘beverages’ in addition to being sedentary.

I believe that it’s time for men to take charge of their health. It’s time to eat better, drink less and move more. That’s why we are embarking on a new campaign called ‘Get Your Man in the Kitchen’. We aim to inspire men to cook more and to eat more healthily. Women, we want you to encourage your partners, boyfriends, brothers, grandfathers, uncles and your male cousins, bosses and friends to start cooking hearty and healthy meals in the kitchen.   

Lastly, we’d love to see photos of blokes showcasing their culinary skills – wearing a daggy apron is optional. Share your photos on our social media pages – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and be sure to use #getyourmaninthekitchen when posting.

Happy cooking, gentleman.  See you in the kitchen.

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