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Strawberry Crush Milk Review

Strawberry Crush Milk Review

Nutritional info per 200ml serve: 450Kj, 6.8g protein, 3.0g fat, 11g carbohydrates, 10.8g sugar (nil lactose), 3g fibre, 244mg calcium, 2.4mg iron.

Ingredients: Lactose free skim milk (97%) [Low fat milk + Lactase], inulin, strawberry (0.4%), natural flavours, vitamins and minerals added.

Pros: This product is a winner. Milk is the perfect drink as it’s rich in muscle building protein; slow releasing carbohydrates and bone-boosting calcium. Yet this beauty has also been fortified with added vitamin D, iron and fibre and contains no added sugar – very few milk drinks (if any) on the market can boast such an impressive nutritional profile. And it tastes good too! Win-win.

Cons: It’s a little light on flavour.

Out of five: 4.5

Final word: This is a wonderful kids snack that can be included in school lunchboxes – it is a UHT milk so there are no food safety concerns. And it’s also a perfect snack option for active adults. Just be sure to adequately stock up at your next shop so no one in your household misses out.

RRP: $4.50 for 3 x tetra packs.

For more information visit:

NB: This is not a sponsored post. The author is in no way affiliated with Freedom Foods and did not receive financial remuneration for this post.

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