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Product Review: Crunchy Chia by Table of Plenty

Product Review: Crunchy Chia by Table of Plenty

Nutritional info per 45 serve: 835Kj, 4.1g Protein, 8.5g Fat, 2.2g Saturated fat, 6.0g Sugar, 2.7g Dietary fibre and 27mg Sodium.


Ingredients: Seeds (sunflower kernels, buckwheat, chia seed), puffed rice (rice flour, rice bran), corn flakes, rice flakes, glucose, cranberries, coconut, Brazil nuts, sugar, sunflower oil, rice syrup, natural flavour, natural antioxidant.


Pros: It contains a stack of monounsaturated fat and not much saturated fat – the nasty stuff that raises your cholesterol. It’s also low in sugar despite having dried fruit and has a solid fibre content as well as an extremely low sodium value – I challenge you to find another breakfast cereal/muesli on the market that can boast such low levels of the salty stuff. And it’s gluten free so it’s a safe option for those with coeliac disease as well as wheat intolerance.


Cons: It could do with a tad more sweetness. However, I simply added a drizzle of honey to my brekkie bowl. Easily done if you have a sweet tooth.


Out of five: 4.5


Final word: This cereal is a winner from every angle. Combine it with skim milk, natural yoghurt and a handful of berries to kick start your day with a great whack of protein, good fats, slow-burning carbohydrates and tummy-filling fibre. The whole family will love it – just don’t tell the kids that it’s a health food.


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NB: This is not a sponsored post. The author is in no way affiliated with Table of Plenty and did not receive financial remuneration for this post.

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