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Joel Feren

Nutrition Consultant, Health Writer, Media Dietitian & Recipe Developer

The Nutrition Guy (TNG), aka Joel Feren, is a media dietitian, recipe developer and nutrition consultant. His specialty is in nutrition communications and he regularly consults to the food industry to help brands implement nutrition in to their marketing strategies. 


Joel delivers insight-led and evidence-based nutrition communications as well as marketing advice to help achieve increased engagement and impact for food businesses. He has led major projects for a variety of FMCG companies including Sanitarium, Abbott Nutrition, Patties Foods and San Remo. He is the Weet-Bix Better Brekkie Ambassador and has previously featured in Sanitarium’s TV commercial campaign.


He is a foodie in every sense and believes that dietitians working in the food industry can play a fundamental role in improving the nutritional quality of our food. Joel also considers nutrition to be too important to be an afterthought for food brands and businesses.


Joel loves to communicate important nutrition messages in a way that can be easily digested by the general public. He writes for a number of health publications and regularly writes a blog. Joel has delivered nutrition presentations to corporates, other medical and nutrition professionals as well as to sporting bodies. As a corporate health consultant, he develops educational and engaging nutrition presentations to support the health and wellbeing of employees, at both an organisational and individual level.


He is also a seasoned media performer and appears regularly on Studio 10 and My Market Kitchen. He is a Dietitians Australia media spokesperson. Joel enjoys the challenge of debunking commonly held nutrition myths in the media and helping the overall community improve their health.


Joel can assist you with your next project to boost your brand’s appeal and help you refine and better convey your nutrition messages. To work with him, as a nutrition consultant, recipe developer, ambassador or spokesperson for your company, please get in touch, and let’s begin the discussion.

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